What are Transformative Community Schools?

Transformative Community Schools are a long-term strategy for whole school and systems transformation. “Transformative Community Schools” are not a program, they’re an approach to HOW we do school in California.

Transformative Community Schools start with building trusting relationships and teams that involve ALL members of the school community - students, families, educators and community partners. Team members share power, decision-making, and responsibility.

Transformative Community Schools are rooted in liberatory anti-racist approaches to teaching and learning. Curricula is culturally rooted, sustaining, and joyful. It’s relevant, project-based, and connected to the wider community, and it includes the arts, movement, and the outdoors.

Transformative Community Schools engage and leverage the power of partnerships and diverse funding sources - with community-based partners, neighbors, and government agencies grounded in mutual support and respect.

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