Developing Diverse, Prepared, and Supported Educators


As part of a series of learning sessions focused on creating transformative, racially just and relationship-centered community schools, the California Partnership for the Future of Learning hosted its sixth session on May 9th, 2024: Developing Diverse, Prepared, and Supported Educators. 

This session features the research on teacher shortages in California, the importance of a diverse teacher workforce for improving student outcomes, and essential elements that support educator recruitment, preparation and retention. It also features two panels: The first focuses on Los Angeles Unified School District's efforts to recruit and sustain teachers of color, especially Black educators, including through the district’s partnership with UCLA’s teacher residency program. The second panel highlights Oakland High School's unique collaboration with Californians for Justice to authentically engage students in its Teacher Hiring Committee, as well as the practices the school uses to help teachers feel purposeful, supported, and successful.

As part of the design of these learning sessions, we tap into the wisdom and experience of a broad cross-section of experts—from students and families, to educators, organizers, community partners, and researchers. The following background materials, session recordings, and slide decks in English, Spanish and Arabic are aimed at providing additional resources for communities engaging in the process of creating and sustaining transformative community schools. 

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