California Partnership for the Future of Learning Art Gallery

In the Summer of 2023, the California Partnership for the Future of Learning commissioned ten (10) diverse artists from across the state to create original work to spark the public’s ability to reimagine the power and potential of schools to be hubs of joy, belonging, healing, celebration and opportunity for all. Working in a variety of mediums, our artist partners uplifted their dreams and visions for a racially just, relationship centered school system that meets the unique needs of every student, family, and community.

This artwork is a powerful representation of the CA Partnership's campaign to create life-changing community schools where every student, family, and educator thrives.

Previous year's galleries can be found here: 2022 and 2021.

Note: If using any of the artwork from this gallery, please credit the artists and the California Partnership accordingly. You may use the template below:

“This original artwork is by [artist name & link to portfolio or social media profile], and is part of the California Partnership for the Future of Learning’s 2023 Arts & Culture series.”

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"We’re excited about CA PFL’s 2023 Arts and Culture series, showcasing #Art4EdJustice by 10 amazing CA artists each representing and celebrating our hopes and vision for life-changing community schools in California."

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