Needs Assessment

The California Partnership for the Future of Learning conducted a needs assessment based on feedback from more than 20 grassroots education and racial justice organizations who heard from over 600 students and families from low-income communities of color in more than 20 school districts across the state. We wanted to learn directly from students and families about their most critical needs at this moment and use them to inform our ongoing work to transform California’s public schools to be just and inclusive for all.

Since the release of our community needs assessment, student, parent, and community leaders identified 10 priorities to meet young people and families most immediate needs as the state prepares for the return of school.

We’re calling on elected officials to follow these 10 recommendations, so every school and every community has access to the resources and support needed to thrive.

  1.  Center Racial Equity in all Decisions, Actions and Collection of Data
  2.  Prioritize Health and Wellness Through Community Schools and More
  3.  Engage Families and Students as Partners in Learning and Decisions
  4.  Invest in a “Restorative” Approach to Learning Loss
  5.  Provide Universal, Permanent Digital Access to All
  6.  Ensure Local Accountability for Quality, Equitable Learning
  7.  Meet the Needs of Educators Before and After the Pandemic
  8.  Address Basic, Urgent Needs of Students and Families
  9.  Support Whole Child Early Care and Education
  10.  Fund Our Schools Starting with Schools and Communities First

These 10 recommendations are based on the needs of students and families from our most impacted communities — Black and Brown, rural, low-income, special education, English Learner and foster youth. Up and down California, we’ve listened to the needs of our students and families and are building together with them to ensure we pursue an education system that is built for us all.

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